Healthy skeptical is a virtue for your wallet

Focus your cash flows

Focus your cash flows. Everyone actually has a so-called current account at a bank. Focus your cash flows. Your income and expenses are thereby paid. If that happens on only one bank account, you will generally look at the balance. Is there still enough or not to get through this month.
To keep a good overview of what comes in and out, it is important that you know where and when something is being paid or has yet to be paid. That is why banks often offer a savings account to build up a buffer for when necessary money is needed.

For fixed costs and expenditure on energy, health insurance, home, car and the like, we have a joint account for private. In addition, a separate bank account with a debit card with “Maestro facility” to pay at the supermarket. This way you always have insight into your shopping and how much you need for that. For example a free account with Moneyou. Via the app on your phone that is free including a debit card with Maestro.

When you start investing in “Crowlending or Investing ” in addition to saving, it is useful to reserve a bank account specifically for this. For capital growth, it is smart to focus on your investments and returns. Make sure you have a separate bank account for this.

And as a last point. Make lists per bank account how much comes in or out. I use Excel for this. So you immediately see that a seemingly simple household can be quite complicated, but by paying attention to it you can also take advantage of it. My slogan is: “Everything you pay attention to is growing”

Post Author: teamcees