Healthy skeptical is a virtue for your wallet

Healthy skeptical is a virtue for your wallet

Healthy skeptical is a virtue for your wallet. Looking with a fresh look at how advertising campaigns in some supermarkets work on influencing your behavior and whether that is healthy for your wallet? At checkout you have your bonus card scanned and you find a whopping 23 euros discount on your purchases. What happened?

I have bought no less than 4 bottles of detergent. That was the condition for purchasing the product. After discount, let the price be exactly the same in another store where the standard price applies.

Most people like to eat meat every day. Now, according to “The disk of 5”, only 50 grams of meat with your dinner is optimal for a healthy lifestyle. When you make your purchases, the ready-made packages that are in the display case are neatly offered per 2 together for 100 or 150 grams. We run a household of 2 people.

So you think that will be the purchase for today.
But according to my calculation we only need 50 grams? This is what matters! Prepare your own portions at home with plastic bags and divide by a minimum of 2. And you realize a huge saving in your monthly expenses for food.

If you implement this trick of self-awareness in your own behavior and discipline, you will achieve a much higher monthly saving. Drink water with food and certainly not soft drinks. Don’t drink soda at all because that is just bad for you. And so I can mention quite a few examples. If possible, release the doctrines and manipulations of multinationals and advertising messages. So do not watch television at all. And certainly not to the roar of all those talk shows of famous people. That is just bad for your mind and hinders the functioning of your own common sense.

Reproduced this way from the Indians
Reproduced this way from the Indians.

Every day I start my day with my daily sports exercises while listening to my “beloved rock music from the 70s”. Super. First I cycle on my “Home trainer”. Then on my sports mat simple floor exercises and movements. After taken a shower, I am completely fit again. Then I lie down in my hammock and do guided meditation. This is beneficial and I feel like new again. After breakfast a fresh walk to organize my thoughts or better yet no thoughts at all. Yes, that’s how I want it. I can now be busy with my hobbies again. One is to maintain this website and invest in Crowd_lending projects with high returns. And I still have the plan to write an E-book about “P2P_lending”.

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