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Influence of coronavirus on the stock exchange.
Today February 28, 2020 I write my first newsletter. All media report news about the corona virus. This is clearly noticeable on the financial markets. The stock markets worldwide have been going down all week and are approaching a loss of no less than 10%. The oil price, the gold price and the crypto curve price are also falling. That is a sign on the wall.

Last year I started to put my investments in safe harbors. So that has been good. The investments that I have consist of at least 50% bonds. The rest is placed with Crowdfunding platforms in real estate with fixed returns.

On my website there are opportunities for investing with good returns under referrals. I started this myself last year. I was tired of the uncertainty. So now that nasty virus is there and people are selling their shares, I feel calm. I have a nicely spread portfolio. These are with diagrams under the link portfolio.