My book

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Ordinary People Investing
‘Believe in Yourself, Increase Your Consciousness’.

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Passive income on average €115,59 per month.

Deposits minus withdrawals brings the balance to an increase of € 181,-

Nexo. Users received 8% to 12% interest on their Crypto. With Nexo tokens you can achieve up to 30% dividend.
Binance. Get ‘up to 8% money back’ on all eligible purchases with your ‘Totally Free’ Binance Visa Card.
OnstoppableDomains. Send Bitcoin, Ethereum and others ‘Cryptocurrency’ with only one domain. No more worries about shipping to ‘the wrong address’.

Investors deposit their money through an attractive interest rate platform. Borrowers use this money to conduct business.
After joining Bondora will be added  5 EUR to your account automatically.
With Estaguru You will receive 0,5% bonus from your investments in the first months.