Healthy skeptical is a virtue for your wallet

The changing Euro-Dollar rate

I told about my different experiences with making a profit. I was amazed when I received my loaned money back into my bank account. This was due to the changing Euro-Dollar rate. I first have to go back to the year 2002 when I made a group trip to Ecuador.

I fell in love there and after 3 months and with the permission of my expectant mother-in-law we are married. Because my mother-in-law was no longer able to walk, I arranged a wheelchair through a radio program and took it on the plane for her.

VIP treatment at the airport.

My mother-in-law was a wonderful woman and happily told all her experiences and future dreams. That’s how she wanted to buy an apartment.
My company was doing very well and I was able to give her $ 20000 temporarily. That amounted to 14,000 euros. After 5 years I got the dollars back and the value was 18,000 euros. Thanks to the changing euro-dollar exchange rate. If you also want to profit from returns, go to the page Actions and Referrals.

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