5 tips for a good portfolio

Rest – Return – Risk
The combination of “Crowdlending” and “Investing” is the “ideal mix” for me to safely grow my savings into a good buffer.
Rest for the long term by choosing a mix of investments supplemented with dividend payments.
Achieving returns in fixed projects with Crowdlending, so that my capital grows and interest can be used as a source of income.
Take and avoid risk and achieve a good result with my investments.

Tip 1
Invest no more than 10% of your freely investable assets in crowdfunding. Peer to peer money is not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

What is freely investable capital?
Free investable capital is all the money that you own and that you will not need for the next three to five years, minus your debts. So the result of this calculation is your freely investable capital.

Tip 2
You can do easy automatic investing with Bondora. And you can start with a minimum of € 1.

Tip 3
What is also important is the spread of your portfolio.
Invest in multiple projects and platforms. Because I mentioned earlier that it is important to save and invest with institutions. You could be entitled to compensation of up to £85000 your capital is covered should an extreme calamity occur. Crowdlending projects are generally not included.

Tip 4
When you start investing in “Crowdlending or Investing” in addition to saving, it is useful to reserve a bank account specifically for this. For capital growth, it is smart to focus on your investments and returns.

Tip 5
Make lists per bank account how much comes in or out. I use Excel for this. This way you immediately see where you have to let your money come in and spend / invest. By paying attention to it you can take advantage of it. My slogan is: “Everything you pay attention to is growing”